KJ Klimateknik leads the field in the area of power saving ventilation solutions. During the past 6 years, we have attained great success with our power-saving EC motors. In comparison to Triac regulated ventilation systems our motors often ensure power savings of 70%.


In comparison to frequency motors, the power savings are typically 40 – 50%. In a new ventilation system, the additional investment for an EC solution is minimal and installation in an existing system is typically paid back within a period of less than 3 years.

The KJ Klimateknik EC system is also much quieter.


As a ventilation specialist, it is important to follow the development of the customers. Therefore, KJ Klimateknik recently launched a roof extractor with a capacity of 27,100 m3 / h. That is a capacity increase of not less than 35%. The extraction, with an internal diameter of 820 mm, is equipped with a powerful but energy-friendly EC fan, model Optivent.

In a new ventilation system, the additional cost of the EC solution is minimal, while an installation in existing systems is typically repaid within 3 years.

KJ Klimateknik’s EC plants are also very quiet.


Brochure Optivent

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