Automatic feeders ErgoMat


ErgoMat is a range of Danish automatic feeders and is available in three sizes: 55 weaners/40 finishing pigs to 80 weaners/60 finishing pigs.


The ErgoMat range is constructed over a heavy-duty, stainless-steel framework to ensure maximum stability and durability. The water supply to the two drinker valves and the feed supply tube and adjustment mechanism for feed supply are also made of stainless steel.


The feed container is produced from heavy-duty, top quality plastic which retains its flexibility – even after 10 years.

The container cannot be damaged by the pigs.


The trough is produced from corrosion and acid resistant polymer concrete which is extremely durable. The broad edge and practical depth minimizes feed wastage. This has been tested by the Danish SEGES pig research centre.


This high quality enables us to provide a 5 year guarantee for ErgoMat automatic feeders.

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