Case: Cleaner pen environment

In a combi-diffuse ventilation system, a supplementary vent in the ceiling opens when the outdoor temperature exceeds 19oC. Regarding problems with excess soiling in the resting area, a positive effect is attained by installing a KJ specially designed ceiling vent directly above the resting area. The vent is infinitely regulated with outdoor temperatures between 16 and 19oC.

We call this concept: “Direct-Air”.

Tests applied by the Danish SEGES pig research centre have shown that this concept can remove or greatly reduce filth problems in resting areas. In addition, “Direct-Air” has considerably improved the air quality in the resting area as the CO2 concentration was significantly reduced in comparison to both the control section and to on/off regulated ceiling vents.


The Danish farmer, Henrik Svendsen, Aarup Oestergaard Farm in Snedsted, Jutland, was quick to order this new solution system due to the fact that he had experienced problems with excessive filth in his FRATS / (WTF = weaning to finishing) livestock housing during the final stages of the weight gain period. Henrik Svendsen has stated the following: “After the installation of the Direct-Air system, the pigs have been much cleaner and have a quieter behavior. Since we installed Direct-Air, the pigs have cleaner ears and we can avoid having to clean the ear tags. In our multiplier herds it is vital that the pigs do not rest in fouled litter which can cause teat damage. In addition, we avoid the daily spreading of wood shavings and straw. This has greatly improved slurry handling.” Henrik Svendsen has also experienced improved air conditions for his personnel.