Fresh air is an important pre-condition for ensuring that animals thrive in livestock housing.

Insufficient or fluctuating air replacement has a considerable effect on a number of vital production parameters. These include gain rate, feed conversion and disease and – as an ultimate consequence – livestock mortality.


KJ Klimateknik has its own electronics department which develops and produces user friendly electronic equipment plus PC software for communication purposes.

We offer a comprehensive range of electronic control and monitoring solutions for farming and have great experience in air conditioning for stables, monitoring and alarm systems for livestock production and servomotors with automatic control for ventilation in stables



Every day, our service department ensures that our customers’ equipment works optimally. We work with dealers in each country and you can always contact our partners for advice and guidance.


KJ Klimateknik creates Climate and Farm Management solutions based on the philosophy of viable and reliable livestock production.

We continuously strive to develop livestock housing systems which protect the environment, minimize power consumption and simultaneously ensure that animal welfare, economy and environmental conditions are synchronized.


In selecting KJ Klimateknik as your supplier, you not only choose to cooperate with a powerful, small organization with a short chain of command.

You also gain top professionalism, open cooperation and 30 years of expertise in discovering versatile system solutions in order to satisfy your particular requirements.